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No #1 Toilet Installation In Bakersfield

a perfect toilet installation in Bakersfield made by a professional techWould it surprise you to learn that the largest daily user of water in your home is the toilet? In fact, almost a third of the water you pay for literally goes down the drain.

Low Flow Toilets can save you money
In the early 1990's, federal legislation was passed requiring all U.S. plumbing manufacturers to at least meet these water-efficiency standards:

  • Showerheads: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Faucets: 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Toilets: 1.6 gallons per flush

Still, many homes have older toilets that use more than 3 gallons per flush. The early low flush toilet models were imperfect. So, even if you low flush toilets, they may not be performing properly.

If you need toilet installation in Bakersfield our technicians can install low flush toilets and other water-saving devices in your home. The cost will quickly pay itself off – and you'll be doing your part to conserve our resources.

Toilet leaks are sneaky
Some plumbing problems, such as burst pipes, announce themselves loudly. Toilet leaks, on the other hand, can go for years without any apparent signs. You will not always hear the toilet “running” when there is a leak. Undetected leaks cost you money over time, and can turn into bigger problems.

Try this quick home test to determine if your toilet has a leak. Put a few drops of food coloring in the water tank (behind the toilet seat.) Wait a few minutes (do not flush) and look at the water in  the toilet bowl. If the color is there, you have a leak. Our toilet installation in Bakersfield contractors can quickly isolate and repair the leak. And you can begin enjoying lower water bills.

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a fixture installation in Bakersfield done by our professional plumbers The wax seal attaches your toilet to the drain pipe. When the seal is old or damaged, odors can enter your home and your toilet will not attach firmly to the flooring.

If you notice any of the following, it may be time for a wax seal inspection and possible replacement – a job Home Town Plumbing can easily handle for you:

  • Water leaks at the base of the toilet after flushing
  • Constant odor in the bathroom
  • “Rocking” or unsteady toilet.

Call us today if you need fixture installation in Bakersfield or for any other plumbing needs.

Home Town Plumbing specializes not only in toilet troubleshooting and installation. We are experts in any fixture installation in Bakersfield, including faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, and sinks.

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